Ridgeview Ancient Civilizations Virtual Museum Home Page.

Welcome to the Ridgeview Ancient Civilizations Virtual Museum. Please enjoy looking through the various rooms of our museum, where we showcase artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Mesopotamian civilizations. Each group of Grade 7 students worked hard to create a movie showcasing one of the eight elements of civilization. You can enter the rooms of our museum by clicking on the table of contents at the right or by clicking on the links in the table below. Enjoy our museum!

Ms. Wilson
Museum Curator

photo by doneastwest on flickr.com

Ancient Mesopotamian Agricultural Surplus
Ancient Egyptian Agricultural Surplus
Ancient Mesopotamian Job Specialization
Ancient Mesopotamian Organized Government
Ancient Greek Organized Government
Ancient Egyptian Organized Government
Ancient Mesopotamian Written Language
Ancient Greek Organized Religion
Ancient Egyptian Organized Religion
Ancient Egyptian Written Language
Ancient Mesopotamian Military Force
Ancient Egyptian Military Force
Ancient Mesopotamian Technology
Ancient Greek Technology
Ancient Egyptian Technology
Ancient Mesopotamian Arts & Architecture
Ancient Greek Arts & Architecture
Ancient Egyptian Arts & Architecture